Let’s talk about your before and after

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In the world of vein treatment, you’ll see many before and after photos of the results that patients get. These photos demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment. On our website, you can even see a bunch of these photos. When you look through these images, the results speak for themselves. First, you’ll see gnarled, raised, purplish veins and webs of dark blue spider veins, and then in the following image, the discoloration and raised veins are gone!

We want to be clear about how the transformation from before to after works with vein treatment. Your results aren’t immediate. Often, it takes several treatment sessions to clear away problematic vein issues. We use common vein treatments such as:

  • Compression socks and hose
  • Endoveinous laser ablation (EVLA)
  • Micro incisions (micro phlebectomy)
  • Sclerotherapy

These treatments are quick and easy to recover from, but they aren’t a magic eraser that removes problematic vein issues instantly. Instead, our doctors use guided ultrasounds to determine the best course of treatment and then suggest a treatment plan that will gradually get you the results you seek. By taking the time to do your treatment plan the right way, we can better guarantee the kind of results you want.

So what does your after photo look like? First, you probably imagine it looks like the images on our website. You might imagine blemish-free strong legs without raised or purplish vein issues right away. But for us, it’s more than just the appearance of your legs that we hope to change. Our goal with our vein treatments is to eliminate unnecessary leg pain, swelling, itchy skin, swelling, and other common symptoms of venous insufficiency.

We want you’re after photo to tell the story of health. After seeking vein treatment, we want you to feel free to live your life again, free of vein issues and pain. You wouldn’t have to hide your legs out of embarrassment or avoid certain activities because they will trigger leg pain or swelling. Instead, you’ll be able to exercise, walk, go to the beach, and enjoy your body without limitations. That’s the real goal of an after photo.

It takes time to get to the after photo when you seek vein treatment, but we promise it’s worth it. So stick with your treatment plan. Follow your aftercare instructions and embark on a healthy living journey to support your results. Your before photo doesn’t have to define you. You can have the results you seek and the life you deserve free of vein problems!