Do you have questions about vascular massage therapy?

44607445_MGetting a massage is a wonderful thing. But massages are more than just a relaxing spa experience. Massage therapy is a valuable tool for a variety of health conditions. Massage therapists have extensive physiological training to help improve your health and reduce pain and inflammation. Some of the benefits of massage therapy include reduced muscle pain, reduced stress and better mental health, and improved sleep and immunity. A massage therapist’s hands are healing tools that can do so much for your body!

There are various forms of massage therapy for all types of ailments. One type of massage therapy called vascular massage therapy is helpful if you have vein health issues. This type of massage focuses on improving circulation throughout the blood. Improved circulation helps your body deliver oxygen and nutrients better. Vascular massage therapy is often used in conjunction with lymphatic drainage massage, which also helps increase circulation and improve tissue nutrition. These techniques are usually beneficial for people who suffer from vein health issues like venous insufficiency, varicose, or spider veins. The improved circulation of blood throughout the body helps strengthen vein tissue.

One of the benefits of vascular massage is that’s it’s non-invasive and helps to immediately relieve some of the symptoms of vein health issues like leg pain and swelling. But vascular massage is only a temporary treatment. It will not cure or remove problematic vein health issues. At best, it should be considered a complementary treatment to help temporally relieve varicose or spider veins symptoms.

As vein specialists, we always recommend a consultation before trying alternative methods like vascular massage therapy. It can be a valuable tool for symptom management, but it is also dangerous if you have sizeable varicose vein bundles, venous ulcers, or severe venous insufficiency. The only way to treat these issues is with our treatments which directly target the problematic tissue and stop the problem from progressing.

If you are looking for long-term relief from the symptoms of vein health issues, our treatments are your best bet. Come in for a consultation, and we’ll explain exactly how our treatments work and why they are best. We’ll start by looking for underlying venous insufficiency issues using ultrasound, so we can create a customized treatment plan to offer you the best results. Massage therapy is a great tool, but it’s not the best tool if you are looking for relief. Let us show you what a life without the symptoms of venous insufficiency looks like!