Are your relaxation habits making your vein health issues worse?

Charming Afro American woman relaxing in bathThere’s nothing quite like running a hot bath at the end of the day and slipping your sore body into the warm water while you lay back and drift. You can add some bubbles, a few scented candles, or even play some relaxing music. It feels like your body is floating in the warm, soapy water, and you may think to yourself that you’ve never felt quite as comfortable as you do now. Your eyelids get heavy, and you close them enjoying this quiet moment.

Until you get out of the tub, then you may notice something. Your legs are itchy, red, and maybe even a little swollen. After the warmth of the tub water wears off, the soreness and discomfort you felt before the bath come back, except this time it’s worse. You spent all that time relaxing in the tub, and half an hour after you get out, you feel worse than before. Why?

It’s because baths are bad for you when you have circulatory issues like varicose veins or spider veins. The heat from the water slows down your circulation and can exacerbate your symptoms by causing increased itching, swelling, and pain. So, it turns out that your favorite way to relax is actually bad for you.

But bathing isn’t the only relaxing activity that can make your vein health issues worse. Watching TV, lying around, eating unhealthy, high-fat foods, and other unhealthy habits can all contribute to the problem. Most of us know that unhealthy habits are harmful to our health if we overindulge. That’s why we always encourage our patients to find new, healthier ways to relax and relieve stress. We recommend trying light exercise like walking, swimming, or biking to get you started. Take up a hobby that gets you moving, and your vein health will improve, and you’ll feel more relaxed!

We’re not saying you should never take a bath again, give up watching your favorite shows, or some of your favorite snacks. All things in moderation! Just make sure that whatever you do to relax and relieve stress doesn’t cause more discomfort than it’s worth. Or, if you really want to get back to your hot baths, see us. We offer a variety of minimally invasive vein treatments that can relieve your symptoms and let you enjoy your favorite relaxing activities without pain.