5 simple health resolutions that are perfect for 2022


Woman wearing stylish sport shoes indoors, closeupIn early 2021, many of us were hopeful that things were turning around after a challenging year. Vaccines were on their way. Then, in the spring, life began to open up. First, it seemed like it was getting back to normal, then the Delta variant threw a wrench in many of our plans. It’s frustrating and difficult to deal with all the uncertainty in the world right now.

As a vein treatment clinic, we hope that life will begin to feel a little more normal in 2022. But, for now, we are doing our best to support our patients and offer the best vein treatments we can. One of the ways we can do that is by encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

So, if your 2022 resolution is to be a little healthier, we have some suggestions for simple resolutions that you can complete no matter what 2022 brings.

  1. Make sure you have proper health insurance coverage. When one year ends, another year of health coverage starts. If your goal is to get health insurance or increase it this year, make sure you sign up now while enrollment is open.
  2. Get a physical. Yearly physicals are a great way to stay on top of your health. Each year, you should see your general practitioner for a check-up and stay on top of any health concerns you may have.
  3. Buy some new running shoes. January may be the best time to join a gym with all the New Year’s deals, but it’s probably best to keep things simple after the last two years of closures and openings. Instead, buy yourself some new running shoes and take your exercise outside. Start with walking or download a running app to get back into the exercise groove.
  4. Buy a healthy cookbook. We all know that most diet and weight loss goals made in January inevitably fail by February. So instead of putting all that pressure on yourself, keep it simple. Buy a new cookbook with some healthy recipes to throw into your regular menu mix.
  5. Book your vein treatment consultation. You can’t get started on your vein treatment journey without a consultation. Take things slowly, one thing at a time. Make an appointment with our clinic today, and we’ll assess where you are at and what your needs are. Then we’ll make a personalized treatment plan to address your circulatory issues.

We all know that making New Year’s resolutions and sticking to them is hard. It’s even harder when you’re amid a global pandemic and life is full of uncertainty. So this new year, keep things simple. If you want to be healthier, focus on attainable goals like these to help you feel better and get you through this challenging period. Keep it simple in 2022!